Welcome to Flames Stone

Welcome to the brand new Flames Stone website. Here at Flames Stone we make sure we are serving quality fast food to the good people of the city and we fully intend to continue to improve the quality of our food and service.

Here at Flames Stone we give our customers a better experience which is why we are now proud to offer this fantastic online ordering website. You can even pay online and get your favourite pizza, burgers, kebab, massala dishes, great tasting curries,  southern fried chicken and a lot more delivered to your home in Staffordshire.

We at Flames Stone are amongst the top fast food takeaways and restaurants in Staffordshire offering great fast food at affordable prices. Order your favourite fast food online now in Staffordshire at Flames Stone.

You will be able to get up to date prices and special offers online.  Our assurance of fresh quality food and speedy delivery will definitely provide a memorable dining experience.


If you need to contact us please call 01785 816 600



Value for Money
Delivery Speed
Food Taste
   I love u flames ur the best take away in stone bar none
  Sarah - 19JAN14

   I love u flames ur the best take away in stone bar none
  Sarah - 19JAN14

   Great price, fast service and tastes great as always! :)
  Richard - 05APR13

   Always really nice food and normally quicker than the delivery time stated. keep up the excellent work!
  K.nuttall - 26MAR13

   Me and my friends ordered from the flames website and were astounded by the amazing prices and value for money, we will definitely be ordering again soon!
  Megan - 23MAR13